Special Guest Post series coming soon

The guest posts on the Musings are generally very popular, indeed I’m often a bit peeved that more people seem to want to read other people’s work on here than mine. No matter, it’s great to have different voices on here and ones that fill in the gaps that I’m unwilling or unable to blog about.

I do bug people from time to time when I know something interesting is coming up and most people are very generous with their time. One of these is preparator and researcher Darren Tanke who is likely familiar to many on here. Some time ago I asked Darren if he might be interested in writing about a Gorgosaurus specimen he was preparing. Sadly he was too busy, though he was most generous with images of the fantastic specimen. However, Darren did have another idea and that is finally coming to pass.

Thanks to the generosity of the Royal Tyrell Museum where he works, Darren is going to be giving us a blow by blow account (with photos) of preparation on another Gorgosaurus. Stick with us for the next few weeks and Darren will be showing the progress made on this tyrannosaur and talking about the techniques used. I am, naturally, extremely excited about this project and very grateful to both Darren and the Tyrell. I’ve never covered the skills and techniques of preparing fossils in the depth I’d like and that is about to be corrected in a very special way.

Stay tuned!

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