Return of the PPC, post SVP (& SVPC), OK?

I’m sure I can get a few more acronyms in there is I try but for now I’ll leave it. Anyway, despite setting this in motion with Andy Farke, I have avoided writing about the Palaeo Paper Challenge before now since it will be confusing if two of us are advertising simultaneously, but since other bloggers have been joining in (and that is a good thing!) and directing people to Andy’s site, it seemed a good opportunity to revive it on here – so if you have not done so already do head over to here and sign up.

The principle is simple – palaeontologists at all levels almost always have a paper or two floating around that never quite gets off the desk (or hard drive these days) and off to a journal. So by signing up you can try and pressure yourself with a little self-motivation to get a paper finished in time for 2010 and with some friendly support and  rivalry from people sharing your pain and frustration. I am delighted to see the interest this has generated and I’m especially pleased with the diversity of work on the line (and hopefully soon in print). So do jog along and put your name up and get cracking, only another 84 days to go…

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