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Musings and the media

It’s been a busy couple of days for me with respect to the media. On Tuesday morning I was doing a very short radio spot for BBC Radio Bristol on Bentonyx. The combination of a former Bristol student naming a Bristol held specimen after a Bristol professor was rather too much for them and so I got to add another 2 minutes of fame towards my 15. If you are desperate to hear more of my ‘dulcet’ tones (after this and this) then you can hear it again here for the next week (it starts at 2hr 25mins).

And far more excitingly, I was on the Daily Planet show on the Discovery Channel in North America. You can see this here for, I hope, a few days at least. This focuses on the UV work that I’ve been doing with Helmut Tischlinger at the IVPP and there’s a great chance to see some fossils in UV. It was damned hard work and it’s amazing how little you get out of 2 days solid filming (just a 5+ minute slot). The experience is probably worth a post on it’s own but here at least are a couple of photos from it. Overall I’m really quite pleased and I’m certainly impressed with how it was put together and the way in which they got the main points over to a lay audience.

With radio and TV covered that really leaves just the traditional print media and that should be covered by story number 3 depending on quite when the next paper goes to print. I’m told it might be this week but no confirmation yet. That’s all the hint you’re getting for now, as ever, watch this space.

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