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A last bit of Limusaurus – theropod diets and herbivory

Limusaurus - not predatory (compare with Ceratosaurus below)

Limusaurus - not predatory (compare with Ceratosaurus below)

Well I had said I was all Limusaurus-ed out, but then that stuff was written a month ago, so I do have a bit more Limusaurus left in me right now. This post is odd in a couple of ways as it covers something that is not mentioned in the paper, and also something that I would like to write about in the future myself (something I’d normally avoid blogging about). I have not spoken in detail to my co-authors but I rather think the point I am going to make here didn’t get into the paper because we simply didn’t think of it, rather than not having the space to include it. While the point itself is simple enough the potential caveats and explanations that surround it are complex, so bear with me.

In short Limusaurus seems to be unusual not just because it is a basal herbivorous theropod, but because it is so profoundly different to the other members of its clade (the ceratosaurs) that are so obviously carnivorous. The other theropod lineages that yield herbivorous / omnivorous taxa are pretty uniform in their dietary approach so this appears to be a quite an exception. Continue reading ‘A last bit of Limusaurus – theropod diets and herbivory’

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