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Yesterday I spotted a nice picture of a mount of Suchomimus on Twitter posted up by artist Brett Booth. On asking he was kind enough to provide me with the full set of things he’d taken and gave me permission to post them up. Years ago I got a chance to see a cast of the manus of this animal, but at the time I didn’t know much about dinosaurs and ironically the one other theropod I’d seen much of was Baryonyx, so the interesting robustness of these things rather passed me by.

Spinosaurs are popular and have done well in the last couple of years. In addition to Oxalaia last year we also have recent had Icthyovenator and Ostafrikasaurus and that’s before we mention the most important spinosaurid find of recent years (according to me) – half a tooth. However, while the ranks of the spinosaurs has been growing, Suchomimus remains the the most complete spinosaur known to date with most of the skeleton having been recovered compared to the masses of vertebrae, snouts and teeth that characterise rather too many of them. Only Baryonyx really comes close in terms of completeness, that that does at least have the advantage of having a good full description of the material.

Still, Brett’s photos help there as there are some nice ones. This looks to me like a good cast of the holotype material and there’s a bonus at the end of what looks like an original arm next to a human and T. rex for comparison. I actually forgot to ask Brett if he knew what the status of the mount was, or for that matter where this is being exhibited, but I’m delighted to be able to put it up here.

Late edit: Brett tried to add a comment but if having troubles. He sent me this in an e-mail that answers a few of my comments and queries:

This was at Lynx Exhibits in El Paso Texas, part of that traveling Supercroc exhibit. I believe it leaves after this weekend. It was on some sort of rig that would move if you pulled a few levers. Totally worth the trip!

The arm is original except for the metacarpals and first claw (the parts in blue.)

What didn’t come out was all the pitting and lines on the spine, very much like a stegosaurus plate. And there was some damage or warping to the pubis.

I have to say this was a HUGE animal. I was far more impressed with the size of this than I was when I saw Sue. I hit the knee and I’m 6’3″. Really impressive.

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