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Coz we really need more Plateosaurus mounts…

Not that I have anything against Plateosaurus I should stress, but in the way that every zoo seems to have Asian short clawed otters, meercats and (these days) Asian lions, so too do you get a bit bored of some features in museums when you have been to so many of them. While casts of the Berlin Archaeopteryx seem to have infiltrated every Natural History Museum known to man (well known to Dave anyway) the only decent-sized dinosaur I’ve seen too many of is Plateosaurus and the 5th or 6th mount tends to pale a bit when you have had time to play with the original bones, and have seen the massed ranks on display in Stuttgart.

This one is in the Bristol Museum and is featured here simply because it’s the one mount of the genus I’ve been able to take decent number of photos of with a decent camera. I’d say more, but well, with Henirich now blogging, I’m really not sure I can say anything about this guy that he hasn’t already said or won’t say better. Lots more photos to come tomorrow of various views of parts of the skeleton, but it seemed best to start with a couple of general views.

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