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Just a nice picture of Angustinaripterus

This really is a self-titling piece. I have had this photo sitting around for ages waiting to use it in context and frankly, haven’t found one, so it seemed most pertinent just to shove it up on its own. Very little has been written about Angustinaripterus and with good reason, you are looking at all there is of the only specimen, a most unusual situation for a pterosaur – known only from a skull and a 3-D one at that. It dates from the Middle Jurassic of central China (Dashanpu, Zigong) that gives us all kinds of dinosaurian goodies like Gasosaurs, Gigantspinosaurs and a whole raft of unusual sauropods. Angustinaripterus was a large-ish rhamphorhynchoid pterosaur (probably about 1.5 m in wingspan, though obviously that’s a guesstimate) that probably caught fish with its enormously elongate teeth. I have actually referred to this before here on the old Mk.1 musings but now you get the bonus of a full picture in colour. Lucky you.

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