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Pterosaurs….sort of

A couple of weeks ago the scientific podcast that is Science…sort of ran a piece on this pterosaur paper of mine. Unfortunately, despite their normal sterling efforts, this wasn’t really an accurate representation of pterosaurs or our research. Happily though, they were receptive to me pointing this out and were kind enough to immediately invite me and Ross Elgin onto the show to talk pterosaurs. That podcast is now up and you can drop in at this link here to hear us pontificate about those lovely flying reptiles and our work on them.

Dave on dinosaurs II

Readers might remember the little podcast thingy I did a fair few months back with Mike Taylor over at the 21st Floor. Well we’ve been invited back and this time it’s much bigger and much better. Thanks to some judicious badgering on our parts, we managed to rope Jeff Martz, Tom Holtz, Paul Barrett, Suzie Maidment and Jerry Harris into joining in.

While most, if not all, of my usual readers will be familiar with the basics of dinosaur biology this should serve as a nice little review of, well, everything really. Dinosaur origins, evolution, diversity, major clades, ecology and the evolution of birds, all wrapped up in about an hour. So head back to the 21st floor and enjoy.

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