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Very late Eustreptospondylus update

It is now more than a year since I put up a post on the rather little-known British dinosaur Eustreptospondylus. A browse through some files today looking for something else turned up two more photos of the holotype remeains that I had intended to show and had clearly forgotten or overlooked. In the interest of getting them out there, here’s the pelvis and partial hindlimb  Ah, yeah, it’s not, it’s more Megalosaurus material – I’d stashed these in the wrong file. Thanks to the commenters for spotting the error.

The Oxford University Museum of Natural History

Recent posts on the Musings have drawn heavily from my long overdue first visit to this place, so it’s high time I got on and added a review. It is, in short, superb, and well worth several hours of almost anyone’s time. The most notable feature is the way in which so much material and (importantly) information is crammed into such a space. As with many such places and my reviews of them, I really cannot cover the breadth or depth of the place so a brief overview of some key points and then some pretty pictures will have to suffice. Continue reading ‘The Oxford University Museum of Natural History’

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