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IVPP dinosaur mural

Competition time (with no prizes awarded)!

One of the much under appreciated features of the IVPP exhibition halls is a series of huge murals covering various geological epochs and the Chinese animals present at those times and naturally one of these covers the Mesozoic in full. I’ve been meaning to try to cover this for a while but have been held up by the fact that they are very hard to photograph. Finally I decided that rather than trying to cover the whole thing in several big chunks it would be easier to take a bunch of small photos of individual dinosaurs and put them up (there are pterosaurs, rauisuchians, ichthyosaurs and more covered too but I decided just to stick to dinosaurs here).

Here they are then. Since the whole thing is not labelled, I thought it fun to leave them here merely as nice pictures and let people guess the likely identities of the taxa if they wish. Some are quite obvious and some rather indeterminate with several plausible answers. This was done about 10 years ago so feel free to stick to older or newer taxonomies but nothing named post about 1999 will be in there. Continue reading ‘IVPP dinosaur mural’

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