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Carnegie mural pterosaurs

As I noted yesterday, I kept the few pterosaurs apart from the gallery. This was mostly because I simply couldn’t get very good photos of them. High up on the walls it made photography difficult (and while yes, there are balconies, I was then shooting across the entire hallway). The first two are from the Late Jurassic layout and it’s not entirely clear what they are supposed to be. That’s no criticism of the artists, the Morrison is rather lacking in pterosaur material and to be honest many of the basal pterosaur look really quite similar, though if pushed I’d probably say the upper ones were rhamphorhynchines and the lower scaphoganthines. At the bottom though is something rather more obvious, it’s Quetzalcoatlus and of course this goes alongside the mounted cast that hangs from the ceiling.

While obviously there’s the old running joke about pterosaur just being pictured alongside sauropods for scale, it’s understandable here where the dinosaurs really are the star of the show and for the Morrison especially (and this is essentially a Morrison exhibit) there’s not much and nothing in the Carnegie collections at all, so their use as ‘background’ is fair enough. Well worth showing though!

Carnegie dinosaur murals

Those who have been reading the Musings at any point in the last few weeks cannot have missed the various murals in the background of photos of the Carnegie exhibits. Indeed, some of it should be very familiar as it was pained by palaeoart team Bob & Tess and bit featured in my interview with them on here.
Till now I’ve been avoiding showing any of the murals properly as I wanted to do something like this and put them all together as one big series. (Actually, that’s not quite true, I took the pterosaurs out and are saving them to do separately tomorrow). So here they all are, pterosaurs aside, I think I got a photo of every single dinosaur (and one aeteosaur) and put them all here, and of course pretty much every one of those is actually represented by a mounted skeleton in the galleries, so it really is all delightfully linked together. Enjoy.

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