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The biggest and best

imgp1226There is often what could be described as an unhealthy preoccupation with size in scientific circles and especially in the reporting of science. The biggest species of a clade, of land animals, of predators, of all time etc. will always get you media coverage and certainly helps get papers published (T.rex might still be the most famous, but an awful lot of people have heard of Giganotosaurus simply becuase it’s big). I’m hardly immune to this, and my work on giantism and size changes and of course pterosaurs (which include the largest fliers of all time) makes me still more involved. However, while people are always happy to bang on about the largest of various groups (be it length, weight, height, or whatever) it can be hard to get an idea of what this really means. Even when you have a figure for a scale bar or some other good ‘standard’ to measure lengths with (for example, not elephants) getting a sense of scale is tricky and you are left with awkward compromises if you want to try and compare a lot of different things. Continue reading ‘The biggest and best’

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