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Anchiornis – again

Anchiornis. Modified from Hu et al., 2009.

Anchiornis. Modified from Hu et al., 2009.

OK by now the ‘secret’ is probably out and the ‘new basal avialian’ that my colleagues and I described earlier this year, Anchiornis, turns out not to be an avialian (or avian if you prefer) at all, but in fact is a very basal troodontid. Those new specimens I mentioned at the time brought in a ton of extra detail and information that allowed researchers to firm up the diagnosis of this animal and show conclusively that it is indeed a troodontid. There are some important and interesting lessons to take from this, both in terms of theropod and bird relationships and how new information changes perspectives. To try and avoid me rambling on and keeping the issues clear, I have listed them:
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