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Guest post: Dinosaurs dying off?

Today it is the turn of Graeme Lloyd to entertain us with tails of dinosaurs. You might know him from his blog This Life’s A Fiction, or as the lead author on an old paper of mine on dinosaur supertrees. Of course he should be best known for our most important contribution as PhD students where we instigated the arrival of Dr Leonard P. Annectens to the University of Bristol, Geology Department. Here Graeme, talks about his most recent work revisiting issues of dinosaur diversity and their potential decline before the famous KT extinction.

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The dodo on display

A little off kilter for a normal Musings post, but with me being on holiday anything might be a welcome release for those of you who are desperate, simply *desperate* for a bit of Archosaur goodness to fill in the vacant hours till I start blogging properly again. Still, this is an extinct theropod so it’s not too off topic. Here are various image of the dodo as painted and drawn by various artists over the years. I’m afraid I did not take the names and dates down as I was mostly interested in the variety on show. While some are clearly more accurate than others, they are all obviously dodos at heart and as much a product (I suspect) of differing techniques and styles as the varied ability and information available to the artists (I suspect not all have ever seen one). All are photos of originals or prints on display at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History (more to come from there) as part of their celebrations of their 150th anniversary, home as they are, to some of the few dodo remains anywhere.

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