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This is utterly, utterly awesome…

and should be read by anyone who cares about science at all in any way at any level. It’s a genuine shame that this is not plastered over the media in 20 ft high letters but instead I spotted it from a link on Facebook. This is who you get kids engaged in science and understanding science and must be the easiest and most entertaining paper to read in many a long decade. It’s freely available here, so settle down, read, enjoy and appreciate the genius behind this. Very well done to all concerned.

The life of a science writer

I mentioned recently a piece in the New Scientist on giant dinosaurs and in my capacity as an ‘advisor’ on the article I exchanged a great deal of information with the author James O’Donoghue on the subject and his role as a science writer. As a result I though he might like to put across a few thoughts about life as a professional journalist in the science field and he kindly contributed this essay on how he fell into science writing:

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