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Introducing Brontomerus

This is really just a quick post because all the action is of course going down at SV-POW. Yes there is a new sauropod on the block and the SV-POW boys, or at least Mike Taylor and Matt Wedel, are in part responsible. So inevitably you can get all the real details there and I am in this case, little more than the messenger.

Still, it’s always nice to talk about a new taxon and I’m sure this guy, named Brontomerus, will be in the news and blogosphere if only for the name. It shares a large part, rather obviously, with the defunct ‘Brontosaurus’ and that I’m sure will go down well. But this is not a thunder-lizard, but a thunder-thighs. Yes, them named it for having, for want of a better phrase, fat legs. It has more going for it than that of course but for the real skinny, hop on over there and take a gander at the first of what could be quite a long series of posts. And watch out for the inevitable avalanche of inaccurate references to Brontosaurus in the media.

Brontomerus life reconstruction. Courtesy of F. Gascó.

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