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Tokyo Botanical Gardens

My recent short trip to Japan was about as intense as it could have been for someone who loves their biology, two museums, two zoos, two aquaria, a wildlife preserve and a botanical gardens all in about 7 days. The Botanical Gardens of the University of Toyko are out in the city’s suburbs, but aside from a few views from the tops of a hill where the cityscape interrupts you could be forgiven for thinking you are in the heart of the countryside. While some areas are given over for study and experiments, the grounds as a whole are well laid out for visitors and in addition to obviously introduced things like the koi, there was an abundance of wild insects and even vertebrates that had made the place their home.

Here then is a taste of the grounds and their contents, both animal and vegetable.

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One for the cladists

An incredibly brief photo and caption this time out. Does anyone know what this is, and thus work out the incredibly tenuous link to cladistics? Should provide seconds of amusement if you are psychotically interested in phylogenetics and Mexican botany. Hmmm, well that description probably fits someone somewhere, but as this is ostensibly a blog about dinosaurs and pterosaurs, it is pretty unlikely they’ll ever find this post.

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