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More on the 11th Archaeopteryx

DSCF9843Continuing my collection / database of Archaeopteryx images, it’s time to increase it a little further. Last week I helped out at the Natural History Museum’s ‘open evening’ called “Science Uncovered”. I was there basically to be a scientist for people to talk to, but there were whole stands from other universities with research connected to the NHM and of course a raft of curators, researchers and other staff bringing the behind-the-scences stuff to the front of house. One special had been laid on that really drew the crowds – the 11th Archaeopteryx specimen.

Although it has appeared on here before, this is the first time I had seen it and was able to take some notes of features and indeed get a few photos. The lighting was absolutely nightmarish, but between tons of photos and a bit of tweaking of balance levels I have produced at least a few that are not too terrible, though at not very high resolution and mostly taken at a pretty low angle. Enjoy (as far as you can).





Kiwi skeleton

I was lucky enough to have access to quite a good osteological teaching collection in Dublin. Sadly though, the accessibility of it meant I never got around to taking good photos of much the better material and only have a few shots grabbed at the last minute. One of them was this of Apteryx, a kiwi.

While I’m not a big one for covering extant taxa (well, as specimens, obviously the live ones often put in appearances) the kiwi is on my mind having been completing a bit of work on alvarezsaurs recently. Clearly the two are not that close, but the tiny remnant arms of the kiwi made me think of them and that’s enough of a reason for it to pop into my head and thus onto the Musings. So here it is.

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