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Palaeoart roundup

My palaeoart interviews have now been going for quite a while and seem to be very popular. However, if I’m honest, I’m really starting to run out of people to interview. I try to cover those who works I genuinely like or have a strong personal connection to. Fortunately a great many artists have been good enough to give me their time and loan me their works to build up my interview portfolio, but with this starting to wind down it seemed a good opportunity to create this clearing house and provide a list of all of those who have generously contributed. I do have a few more requests out there with people so I certainly hope this is not the end of the palaeoart interviews, but its might well be the beginning of the end.

Here then is the roll call (in alphabetical order):

Andrey Atuchin

Wayne Barlowe

Brett Booth

Brian Choo

John Conway

Julius Csotonyi

Mick Ellison

Brian Engh

Larry Felder

James Gurney

Mark Hallett

Scott Hartman

Doug Henderson

David Krentz

Todd Marshall

Jeff Martz

Julia Molnar

Bob Nicholls

Luis Rey

Jim Robbins

John Sibbick

Mike Skrepnick

Adam Smith

William Stout

Gabriel Ugueto

Bob Walters & Tess Kissinger

Steve White

Mark Witton

My thanks to them all and I hope to add to this list again soon.

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