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Another Allosaurus

So having never covered Allosaurus before on the Musings in what, four years, I’ve now done in twice in the last few months. Last time out it was in Japan, but this is an all-American one that’s sat (to no-one’s surprise) in the Carengie. Well, more running than sat, but you get the point. Here it is alongside an Apatosaurus, though perhaps making its way towards junior.

This being the Carnegie, there’s also an original skull to accompany the mount and let you see real bone alongside the cast. Though as Tom Holtz has pointed out in the comments, it’s Marshosaurus and not Allosaurus.

An injured Allosaurus?

A few years ago I spotted this Allosaurus on display in Japan. As you can see, there appears to be a dent in the scapula surrounded by a ridge of bone. This too me looks suspiciously like a pathology of some kind but the skeleton on display is a cast and I don’t know what specimen it’s based on. I’ve had a quick flick through the literature and while there have been papers on Allosaurus pathologies I’ve not seen anything on the shoulder brought up before.

So this post is kinda two pronged – first off: cool an Allosaur pathology! And two, if you’ve seen this exact one before, can you point me to the specimen number or even a paper describing it?

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