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Huxley on the media (ish)

Nope, not as you might expect on here the great T.H. Huxley, or for that matter his grandson the other legendary biologist from that family Julian, but indeed the younger brother of the latter – Aldous Huxley. I happened across this (rather long) quote in his series of essays ‘Brave new world revisited’ (1958) in which he talks about the problems of writing the collection of essays itself and how he wishes to convey much more than he can in a limited space, but means not to distort or misrepresent what he wants to say. It is a brilliantly written summary of what I have long complained about in terms of the media coverage of science. That it comes from a non-scientist (albeit one who wrote on science and science fiction and himself came from a great line of thinkers and scientists) and recognises the inherent flaw of the media a half century ago, yet remains exact, specific, relevant and pertinent is both impressive and worrying. If he noted this 50 years ago, why has the media not spotted that he may just have a point? Brevity is good, getting things wrong is bad, and it’s your job to learn to do it right.

He writes:
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