Yet More Archaeopteryx – Chicken Wing, Haarlem and Maxberg

I’ve just returned from a brief trip to Germany taking in the Jura Museum, Solnhofen Museum and a quick run up to the Senckenberg in Frankfurt. I was poking around with pterosaurs, birds and dinosaurs and while actually Archaeopteryx didn’t feature in the agenda, I did of course catch up with a few things as it were. As a result, the ever growing Archaeopteryx archive can now be filled in a little as there were some awkward gaps and problems and while still not perfect, I do now have things much better covered than before.

First off, some replacement images for the ‘chicken wing’ specimen in Solnhofen. My previous photos were all out of focus but these should be rather better.IMG_7376



Next we have a cast of the Haarlem specimen from the Jura Museum, and this is backed by a cast from the Senckenberg below. Neither is ideal, I’d still love to see and shoot the original, but between them they have some good coverage of the specimen.


Finally, here is a series of photos of casts of the lost Maxberg specimen – again from both Jura (first) and Senckenberg. Neither the Maxberg or Haarlem have featured on here before and so while still only covered by casts, really does flesh out the archive rather well.





4 Responses to “Yet More Archaeopteryx – Chicken Wing, Haarlem and Maxberg”

  1. 1 Robert A. Sloan 23/10/2013 at 9:07 pm

    So beautiful! Thank you for these gorgeous photos. Love the “chicken wing” description – it sure fits! Guess the BBQ sauce dried up and flaked off along with the meat a long, long, long time ago… (just being silly there)

  2. 2 Kurt Andreas 28/02/2014 at 11:50 pm

    The AMNH recently displayed some new casts of Archaeopterix. I hope you find these not unworthy of your time.
    Archaeopteryx lithographica
    Archaeopteryx lithographica
    Archaeopteryx lithographica

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