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So once more I’ve been doing outreachy stuff that’s not just the Musings and so want to spread the word on the off-chance that some of my readers will want still more Hone-generated ramblings.

First off, The Lost Worlds over at the Guardian still keeps on going and I’m still posting material there regularly. However, they have just updated their name and so any old links may no longer work and so you’ll be wanting to use this link now and update any you have on your own blogs etc.

Second, I recently did an interview for the Jersey Boys Hunts Dinosaurs site, talking about my research and the advice for students and young researchers hoping to break into palaeo.

Finally, I recently sat down the people from Faculti Media. This is an interesting new concept where they create short videos of researchers talking about their work to provide a platform for outreach. It was great fun to do (but tricky, although edited, it was close to being live with only a couple of takes at the thing) and I think it offers a new approach with nice little bite-sized chunks of science explained by the researchers. In my case, it was on sexual selection and socio-sexual signaling in dinosaurs and it’s come out quite well, (though clearly the camera was focused on the background, not me, whoops!).


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  1. 1 Thom Do 01/08/2013 at 12:38 am

    I find it interesting, and almost skipped over, that you included a piece on the highly controversial issue of religious education, in regards to teaching the sciences. I came from a Jesuit education, so my education was well-rounded.

    I’m glad to see that you avoided going overboard and stayed objective in the point of your post. Brian Switek and the guy over at Chasmosaurus’ attempts at chest-thumping their brand of atheism did not go over well with me at all, nor being name-called either. I came to read paleontological commentary(which I highly enjoy)…not to be lectured and derided. Being called a bible-thumper is a tacky thing, don’t you think, even though I don’t believe in Literalism…

    Anyhow, none of my negative sentiments are directed at you course. I just happen to notice a recent spate of commentary by bloggers or writers who, I use to respect, suddenly writing ‘unnecessary’ things. I just hope you don’t go down that route of alienation.


    • 2 David Hone 01/08/2013 at 7:00 am

      It’s something I have tried to avoid and hope to continue in that vein. Obviously I disagree profoundly with creationism and indeed any anti-science attitude / position, but after that I’m pretty live and let live, even if I personally disagree with it. I want to educate and interest people and that’s true of science no matter their personal beliefs and belittling them won’t help that.

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