An expected journey


Well I’m back from my trip to the Tyrrell to do the research part of Project Daspletosaurus. I’ve had a great time and been extremely busy, but in addition, barely had any internet access or there would have been more blog posts. Now I have to claw my way through mountains of built up e-mails, reviews and exam marking, but I have also returned with several thousand photos of the museum, Dinosaur Provincial Park, Calgary Zoo and others, so there will be plenty to come sooner or later.

These were my first photos in Canada however, with this fun set-up on an old luggage carousel. Before people complain too much, the sign does explicitly say the models are old and discusses feathers. It’s still rather fun though and as it links to the airport, seemed a worthy contribution to the post. More to come, but it might be a few days before I have the time, motivation and lack of jet-lag.


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