Another link round-up

Just a little post with some links that have come up recently, that I hope you’ll find interesting. This is a really good set, so do dive in.

First off, a massive collection of palaeoart by the legendary Zedenek Burian. And it really is massive, over 600 images, for me at least, there were hundreds I’d not seen before, as well as some great classics.

If you think you can get up to Burian’s standards but don’t want to get bogged down in all that tedious painting and drawing stuff, why not enter the 2012 Dinosaur Diorama contest at the Dinosaur Toy Blog. All in good fun and some nice prizes available.

Next there’s a lovely set of photos of Mesozoic bird specimens with commentary on them bu Luis Chiappe.

Then there’s Matt Wedel’s long and detailed posts (parts 1 parts 2 and now part 3) about the birfurcation of sauropod vertebral neural spines. Part 2 is especially nice as it contains a little guide and discussion on how to tell if a sauropod is an adult.

Mike Habib has also been looking at the interesting area of water launch in pterosaurs, an area that intersects with what I have been experimenting on.

And finally, one of the most recent Google doodles was dedicated to the father of moving pictures, Edwaerd Muybridge and his running horses.

2 Responses to “Another link round-up”

  1. 1 chris y 10/04/2012 at 8:07 pm

    Intriguing that Burian conceived of “Proavis” as four-winged (top of second page), at a time when four-winged dinosaurs were completely unknown.

    • 2 David Hone 10/04/2012 at 8:28 pm

      Well not quite. The idea had been hypothesised many years before, so it was clinging on, even if I don’t think anyone took it that seriously.

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