A quick link roundup

I try to avoid these kinds of things, but occasionally a good number of little things pop up in a short space of time and it’s easiest to bundle them up and shove them vaguely in your direction and see if a few people can’t be interested.

First and foremost is something very Musings related. Longtime reader and prolific commenter Zhen has set up his own website and interviewed me for his opening post. There’s things in there on dinosaur noises, pterosaur flight and behaviour so trot over and have a read.

More interesting and important in the long-term is the return of PhyloPic. This is an Open Access site where you can upload and download little silhouettes of various taxa to use on scientific figures. A great idea and very useful.

On the subject of open access, for those who haven’t been keeping up, a major row is brewing in the publishing game. The short version is that the incredible (in more than one meaning of that word) publishing model that so many of us use is being seriously challenged over the malpractice of various companies. I would have written more on the subject but I have somewhat mixed feelings over the whole thing, or rather my part in it (though in short I’m very much against what these publishers are doing, my uncertainty if over how I should be involved). However, it is very worth seeing what is happening and keeping up. Mike Taylor has been heavily involved and even got an opinion piece in the Guardian here, this was replied to by an Industry spokesman and most recently, there is a report on the ‘strike’. Go read all three and for once the comments are detailed, intelligent and thought provoking and are well worth reading on all three articles.

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