C is for Collect

This photo comes from the Carnegie’s super ‘family’ gallery, aimed at the providing interest and education for ages 3 and up. This was something unique that I have never seen before and was really well done – a simple A-Z of the museum itself and of museums in general. It included things like how to reconstruct a fossil animal (this in fact), an F for fossils, and here, C for collect. In addition to this huge cabinet of entomological specimens there was a massive pile of well, stuff, and a series of shopping baskets. Kids were encouraged to grab a basket and start their own collection from the huge assortment of things available meaning they could get all the toy dinosaurs, or all the blue items, or all the wooden ones etc. A wonderfully simple idea that would be fun, but clearly teach them about identifying things, that items can have multiple properties (you could get a wooden, blue, dinosaur) and that there are reasons a museum would want to collect them. Simple, fun, effective. Great stuff.

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  1. 1 erieartmuseumgiftshop 17/12/2011 at 1:14 pm

    The Carnegie really has it going on..my mom grew up in that museum spending a lot of her time there in the 1930’s…she was a poor kid in Pittsburgh with a natural curiosity about everything,
    that museum provided a lot of content for her huge mind.

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