PPC Update

So having launched this year’s Palaeo Project Challenge a bit late, we are at least starting to get in a few commitments. It’s not too late to sign up, as demonstrated by this effort from tow of the SV-POW! boys, so do sign up. You’d be surprised what you can do in 3 weeks!

So far we have:

Me: submitting corrections to a manuscript.

Eric Morschhauser: finishing a paper for submission.

Robert Sloan: finishing a draft piece of art.

Mike Taylor & Mad Wedel: each have an MS to finish and are racing each other as well as the PPC. That’s the kind of competition we like to see!

Henirich Mallison: finishing a manuscript for submission.

Let’s get those projects flowing!



1 Response to “PPC Update”

  1. 1 Robert A. Sloan 15/12/2011 at 11:44 pm

    I’m glad I put “draft piece of art.” If I so much as pencil it, then I’ve completed my challenge – other projects are all coming due at the same time and I’m currently insanely occupied. Yay for the challenge though! It’s something to look forward to in a big way!

    Hee hee, I could wind up drawing dinos on Christmas Day after all. I’ve decided to reserve it for “things that are not for sale, art for fun.”

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