Osaka Aquarium again

I’ve written before (and posted lots of photos) about Kaiyukan, the aquarium in Osaka, but on my last trip to Japan I took the opportunity to go again. In fact, I took an extra day simply to go, so delighted had i been the first time. Of course not that much had changed in the intervening years (they rarely do in such places and especially when the place is dominated by a few major tanks). Even so, there were new delights and new species to see which was a pleasant surprise. Here are some new additions and some old favourites.

Above, land crabs, and then successively, sea otter, finless porpoise, main tank with mola, whaleshark, hammerhead and others, seven-gill shark, mantis shrimp, hawksbill turtle and finally that legendary symbiotic pairing of the bulldozer shrimp and goby.

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