The week coming

This is just a quick post to say I’m not really sure what I’ll be blogging next week. Tomorrow I have the latest palaeoart interview lined up (woo!) but I’ll also be leaving for Lyme Regis for SVPCA 2011. I love meetings like these that are small enough to see everything and talk to everyone. I have a poster there on floating pterosaurs and my student will be presenting her undergraduate thesis work on pterosaur taphonomy. Actually this looks like a very pterosaur-rich meeting which is great for me, there’s often only one or two pieces on them.

I’ll also be catching up with oodles of colleagues and friends like Darren Naish and the other SV-POW boys Mike Taylor and Matt Wedel, Mark Witton, Luis Rey, Bob Nicholls, John Conway and others. It should be great fun. I’m hoping to get some blogging done while I’m down there and give a report on the meeting and of course use as much as the historically important Lyme itself as far as possible. Plus of course the BBC’s new Planet Dinosaur debuts that week and I don’t know if I’ll even see it, let alone get to write it up. Anyway, if I don’t get much time online next week, the one after will be exciting at least. So stay tuned and do come back tomorrow morning for some art.

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