Dino Expo 2011

Obviously now I’m back from the field all those promised posts on my Japan trip will be coming though. As a kind of appetiser though, I thought I should talk about the 2011 Dino Expo. Every year the basement of the superb National Museum of Science and Nature in Tokyo plays host to a special exhibit. Dinosaurs feature regularly and this was no exception with an incredible collection of specimens and casts being on display.

While some of it was more than familiar to me (the holotypes of Linheraptor, Haplocheirus, Limusaurus and others were there) large chunks were both new and exciting including things like most of the Raptorex holotype and a superb cast of Nigersaurus. As this was a fully public display with no limits on photography then I have no problem putting up some images of the things there. With so much lined up, that does lead to this rather unusual post of an exhibit with no photos of the show itself, but all will be revealed (eventually). I have nearly 30 posts in prep (or all ready to go) based on the Expo and the Museum as a whole so this might take some time to get through.

The expo as a whole was great. Not just the dinosaurs, but the accompanying descriptive material, signs, guides, videos, and the rest. The mounts were beautiful and often novel and dramatic in style, and uniformly superbly lit. There was great variety with most groups covered one way or another and all manner of interesting little bits and pieces like sectioned bones and braincases.

Even for someone like me who has, inevitably, seen an awful lot of mounts, and skeletons, and signs, and exhibits etc. etc. etc., it was genuinely exciting and interesting and that shows just what a great job had been done. I really enjoyed it and having gained a fair amount of useful research information too made it even better. More, so much more, to come.

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