Last Zhucheng roundup

I finished this post a couple of weeks ago as part of the ‘Zucheng series’, but with Japan then looming it fell by the wayside. I’m off to the field tomorrow, so if I don’t get this up now it’ll be really dated by the time I get around to it. So here it is:

I’m pretty much done on Zhucheng for now, but there are a couple of last little bits that I wanted to show on here that didn’t really fit anywhere else so they’re getting dumped in this post. Above is the first completed building at the site, the ‘Tyrannosaur hall’. It’s build over the site where Zhuchengtyrannus was found, but I don’t actually know what’s going to be on display in there. Below is a photo from the recently described tracksite that is nearby, you should be able to see a couple of medium-sized theropod tracks in association with H. sapiens.

Finally, waaay back when with the original description of Zhuchengtyrannus came it, we were rather reliant on photos and casts of the maxilla because of some quite horrendous damage to the bone that can be clearly seen here (3rd image done, part A). However, extensive repair work has now taken place and it’s now close to it’s former glory (as much glory as an incomplete maxilla can have anyway….). And here is a picture of the restored piece. It’s of the medial side and while that’s not the prettier one, it should be clear that the major and minor pieces have been stitched back together and the teeth restored and so on.

Obviously it’ll never be quite as good as it once was, but it’s now considerably better than when I last saw it and a perfectly respectable specimen as they go. That it, it is certainly better than a few holotypes I can think of, and that’s a start.

4 Responses to “Last Zhucheng roundup”

  1. 1 Tim Donovan 24/07/2011 at 11:21 am

    I was under the impression the Zhucheng beds are Nemegt equivalent but others say older–Campanian, which may mean they’re the same age as the Wangshi at Laiyang.

  2. 2 Zhen 24/07/2011 at 7:29 pm

    Tyrannosaur Hall? So that’s an entire museum built simply for displaying Tyrannosaurs or is it just the name?

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