Apart from a drive-by illustration, I never really mentioned Sinoceratops although it was an important discovery. The Late Certaceous faunas of North America and eastern Asia were very similar indeed, though generally with one major exception: there were no derived ceratopsians in Asia. Well, not until the centrosaurine Sinoceratops turned up and rather completed the set of things like hadrosaurines, pachycephaosaurs, oviraptorosaurs, tyrannosaurines, parvicursorines, dromaeosaurs and the rest.

Anyway, above there is the upper part of the skull and the posterior part of the frill. Below is a  reconstructed skeleton of the beast on display.

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  1. 1 Tim Donovan 07/07/2011 at 11:42 am

    On the basis of her work in Mongolia, Kielan-Jaworowska concluded there were no ceratopsids in Asia, because the Bering bridge was “only intermittent or a filtering island barrier.” But Dodson, in THE DINOSAURIA, suggested there were ceratopsids in the lowlands of Asia. He was right.

  2. 2 kyle anthony 11/07/2011 at 4:49 pm

    I love the blog, i plan on keeping up with this one. glad i stumbled upon it.
    kyle anthony –

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