Darren Tanke’s Gorgosaurus preparation 26: numbers

The skull block was numbered again numerous times. Numbers on jackets have a way of fading, getting cut or rubbed off, etc, so it is better to overnumber a jacket. Note how the numbers were written on upside down- this was done so when the block is turned over the numbers will be correctly oriented. Low spots on the body were also covered in wet toilet paper and infilled with plaster, but these infillings were done in sections with care taken that they are not in contact with each other for ease of removal in the future should it ever be necessary.

At this point in time we think no, but some future technician will be grateful if he/she has to turn the specimen over yet again and remove these infillings. Each is outlined in red felt marker so they will know where one section ends and another begins. As some of the low spots on the skeleton are wider at the bottom than the top, these plaster infillings are now “locked” in place and will need careful airscribing to break them up for removal.

The plan is to keep the skull block inside the jacket when it is flipped over, so we will have a “jacket inside a jacket”. Therefore it is necessary to separate the jacket skull from the jacket for the whole specimen (which will be made soon). I used a garbage bag cut in half and covered the skull with that. Then I filled in the areas where I had dug around the skull with old rags and put paper on top of that, thereby filling the void.

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  1. 1 Kilian Hekhuis 16/06/2011 at 11:00 am

    Funny to see such a low-tech solution. A good example of human inventiveness.

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