Darren Tanke’s Gorgosaurus preparation 22: trenching the skull

Yes as promised, Darren is back with more Gorgosaurus stuff! For those who are new to this a review and links to the first 21(!) parts can be found here.

Much work has resumed on the Gorgosaurus. I was away on fieldwork and extended holidays and a number of other delays means most of the things covered in these new updates happened days to weeks ago. The Gorgosaurus was successfully molded in a high grade rubber material in April. The mold came off OK, then it was time to do a number of things in preparation of flipping the specimen over to prepare the other (top) side. Ideally we would remove the skull now, but we could not get the plaster jacket to really “grip” onto it properly as the original field jacket (now on the bottom) was in the way. So the skull was trenched all the way around with a small hammer and awl, just like it would be done in a field setting and newly exposed bone stabilized and glued. Small scalpels were used for close-in work. The top of the head was uncovered. The disarticulated right postorbital was found long ago, but it is now evident that the right lacrimal bone is missing too and that has yet to be seen.

The curious absence of cervical or neck vertebrae is now also confirmed, though was suspected when we were in the field. The intention with the skull now is to jacket it, then encase that within another jacket that supports the entire specimen. It is an unusual, but correct ploy in this instance- a jacket within a jacket. Future updates will detail all this work required to flip the specimen over.

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