More on mounts and chimeras

More than once I’ve covered issues surrounding how fossils can be displayed as casts, sculptures, real bones, or combinations of these and how these can affect research and viewing things in museums. Here is an example I snapped some time ago which obviously has some current relevance. Its designed to be mounted as part of a complete skeleton but here only the skull is visible. I’d forgotten I had this image and it was a bit of a throwaway one (or it might be in focus!) as at the time I didn’t think I’d ever end up working on this and hadn’t actually seen the original bones at that point. I’m rather looking forward to going back and seeing the whole thing at some point, however minor the contributions of a maxilla and dentary are. Still, you can see that the casts of these have been added in with some skill and the colours make it clear what has been reconstructed (right down to the tooth tips in the dentary) which is pretty cool.

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