Goodbye Paleoerrata

We now return you to your normally scheduled Musings:

Jeff Martz has sadly retired his blog Plaeoerrata. Those who keep up with the various Mesozoic reptile blogs will know Jeff’s writings well and this is a shame. Fear not though as Jeff has already replaced this twice over – ‘The House of Bones’ is his replacement for the palaeo side of things and it has so far been superb, providing the kind of starting level primer that I never have (deliberately on my part I should add). However, he’s also continuing with his blogging on the evolution-creationism side of things at a second new blog, ‘Flying Blind’. So drop over to them both and take a look.

Since it no longer updates, I’ll be dropping Paleoerrata from my sidebar, but before I do I’d urge people to head back there one last time. For his sign-off post Jeff has left links to his favourite posts and his favourite random sites he’s linked to down the years. Most importantly his series of advice for aspiring researchers is an absolute must read.

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