This tiny pterosaur was described back in 2008 but despite a number of interesting features (and some hints of controversy) has really attracted little attention.This was described at least as some kind of very odd and basal pterodactyloid which was, more importantly, very small indeed. One of the smallest specimens of a pterosaur ever known in fact and under 30 cm in wingspan. The fact that this is toothless but apparently falls out at the base of a clade with lots of toothy members is rather odd and at the vary least I’d certainly agree with the general sentiments often rattling round the pterosaur community that this does seem to have rather an azhdarchoid look about it. This is, I should add, very obviously a juvenile animal and so there are (potentially) serious complications about interpreting the specimen. In short, it’s high time this got some serious attention in the literature though I rather assume the original authors might be planning a longer paper than their original short description.

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