Kicking off with Haopterus

As previously hinted at, this week is going to be a bit special for pterosaur aficionados. The IVPP has a major exhibit on flight and pterosaurs feature heavily giving me the option of seeing and photographing some nice stuff. Since there were some 7 specimens out I have yet to feature on here then IVPP pterosaur week is born. I’ll be keeping the posts short and simple but hopefully the (generally) nice photos will provide all the real information and excitement. Of course I’ve already put Sinopterus up here since my return to Beijing so actually you’re getting 8 of them.

Anyway, I’ll start with (a cast of) Haopterus. I could have blogged this critter years ago but could never get a decent photo of this cast where it lay thanks to some egregious spotlights, but this one is finally just about good enough. As you can see, it’s a pair of wings and a skull with the skull being rather long and low and teeth appearing only at the end which mark it out (among other features of course) as an ornithocherid. More to come tomorrow!

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