Quick catchup

Another short post, but one filled with linky goodness. First off, Jeff Martz has acquired a new blog, and his first post is really quite a superb summary of what palaeontology *is*, something I’ve foolishly not actually written about on here before and is well worth a read.

Next off, for those who remember Fodonyx and Bentonyx, the University of Bristol now has a short article up about this. And what is interesting for me is that (and I hope I’m not doing them a disservice) despite this being a small piece by the Alumni Foundation newsletter people they have managed to get the italicisation right for the scientific names, something most media outlets would do well to copy.

Finally, as a bit of fun, Darren Tanke put me onto this YouTube vid – an early British experimental aeroplane named the ‘Pterodactyl’ complete with a little Dimorphodon-like logo.

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