The most German pterosaur ever

So I’m back from a little research trip to southern Germany, returning to my old haunt at the BSPG in Munich to look over some pterosaurs and see some old friends, taking in the Jura Museum in Eichstaett and the Solnhofen Museum with Helmut Tischlinger, and then (leaving my research student behind) onto Karlsruhe to see Ross Elgin. As might be imagined this contained many pterosaurs and specimens both old and new and was great fun. One especially nice bit is shown above. Courtesy of Michael Krings, (palaeobotanist and editor of Zitteliana) this was something he put together to advertise a palaeo meeting in Munich. It combines the Munich Pterodactylus with some traditional Bavarian and palaeontological themes. I love it and will be making one for my wall soon.

Lots more to come from everything I have seen in the last few days and of course, more Gorgosaurus is on the way.

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