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So everyone already knows about the two new igunaodontians that are out there, Hippodraco and Iguanacolossus. I’m a bit late to the part with all the palaeoart stuff going on, but I did promise Jim Kirkland, Andy Milner and Don DeBlieux that I’d blog about it so I’d better had. The paper is in PLoS One and so is freely available here who want to see it. This of course follows hot on the heels of Kukufeldia, and Darren Naish’s review of the last two years of igunaodontian taxonomic revisions and the host of newly erected names. Everyone has gone on about the year of the ceratopsians but these guys have had a good 2009-10 as well.


Given the coverage of the new taxa, I really will cut things short here as there is little to add to the host of other blog posts. However, Jim was kind enough to send me a ton of images some of which I have not spotted on other reports so I’ve dropped them in here for your edification. Congratulations to Jim and the team and best of luck with future finds.

The skull of Hippodraco

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