The PPC for 2010

The second annual Palaeo Project Challenge has been going very well and Andy Farke and I have had a ton of people sign up and pledge their efforts to getting papers and other projects finished by the end of the year. And has a full list running at his newly spruced up blog, so head over there and see who was honest / foolish / desperate enough to promise to get their work finished.

Actually I have a small confession to make. My pledge was for a paper on sauropod necks which was in the works with the SV-POW boys. Actually we got it turned around and submitted a few weeks ago (though as part of the mix I dropped to second author). This means that technically I didn’t finish it, and also it was done so early that it’s hardly worth counting it. I have actually started, written and submitted another paper entirely (it’s very short) since the PPC started, and everything else I have on the go either has a deadline attached already (which hardly makes it appropriate) or there is no way it can be done before the end of the year, so I’m actually left more or less pledge-less at this point, despite completing two papers already!

I’ve got to think of something else….

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