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Yes it’s lazy post time again but these have been building up and I felt I should get it done. For those who have not realised, Juila Heathcote has moved her blog for ‘The Ethical Palaeontologist’ to a new location ‘Stages of Succession‘. Larry Witmer and his lab have started a blog called ‘Pick and Scalpel’ to cover their work and can be found here. last but not least, I’d urge you to check out Victoria Arbour’s palaeo blog about her tips to Russia, and large chunks of Asia. I really hope she keeps going though to make a solid and long-term palaeo blog. Now trip over to Pseudoplocephalus to check it out.

Oh yes, and following his successful interview here, Jeff Martz has started colouring in his dinosauromorphs. Groovy!

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