The PPC returns, bigger and better

Last year Andy Farke and I launched the ‘Palaeo Paper Challenge’ over on his blog. The basic idea was that we, in common with everyone we know, have at least one paper lying around that we never quite finished and never got submitted. The one that was certainly worthy of publication, but never high priority enough to fianlly finish when other things needed doing. We wanted to encourage ourselves and friends to get moving and get these papers finished and submitted.

It worked quite well with several papers making the light of day that might otherwise have been held up another year or decade. So this year, we are brining it back, but bigger than before.

See, the *paper* challenge really only works if you are writing science papers on palaeo topics, so this time out we are calling it the Palaeo Project Challenge and encouraging all and sundry to join in. Are you a preparator with a specimen that needs a casting, a curator with a box of material that needs rehousing, an artist with an image or sculpture to finish, an educator who has been menaing to take the class to the local museum, a blogger with a big post that never saw the light of the monitor, or a student with a thesis chapter than needs doing? Any and all of these we want to include in the new bigger PPC.

Anything palaeo related counts, so if you need a bit of motivation then sign up. There’s no real obligation of course, but saying you are going to do it in public and discussing your ideas and progress with others should help you along. So head over to Andy’s patch and sign up. See you there.

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