Xinjiang fieldwork report

My fieldwork this year has been curtailed by both my upcoming departure and Flugsaurier 2010, but in addition to the resident wildlife, it seemed worth completing a short post on the event. The rest of the crew is out there now looking for dinosaurs and other taxa but I had to return early to talk pterosaurs so there will be more to come from them and I am aware that more things than I saw are already being found and excavated.

2010 Wucaiwan field camp

The main purpose of the trip was to revisit the beds that have produced things like Guanlong, Limusaurus and Haplocheirus – Middle and Late Jurassic formations (especially Wucaiwan) from the far north west of China in the Junggar basin. However, I was also able to spend some time in the Cretaceous Tugulu group that also lies in the basin, hunting for theropods and bones of the pterosaur Dsungaripterus. In all cases we were somewhat successful with every bed yielding something (if little) of interest in the 10 days I had out there.

Some of the brightly coloured rocks that give the beds their name.

Tugulu beds in the Junggar basin

A partial pterosaur bone.

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