Flugsaurier sort of live blogging

Well we are three days into the 2010 pterosaur conference in Beijing right now. I’m currently in Chaoyang as part of the first leg of our field trip but already we have heard many talks on new taxa, new phylogenies, pterosaur locomotion, origins, evolution and even pterosaurian palaeoart. Most of the usual suspects are here – Mark Witton, Lu Jungchang, Mike Habib, Chris Bennett, Dong Zhimin, Dave Unwin, Taissa Rodrigues, John Conway and more so there will be some exciting papers out in the near future. More to come in the next few days (though it’ll probably be brief, I’m really busy) but I’ll leave you with a game of spot the researcher as people go over a number of specimens and a shot of much of the Pterosaur.net crew standing in front of some of the Great Wall.

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