Jaded and cynical, moi?

I’ve just had the rather singular experience of being told that an article on my work is unlikely to be published because apparently I wasn’t overly enthusiastic about the paper it was based on. I can see the logic, but equally it’s a bit of a surprise. Obviously I really like my job and I like working on dinosaurs and talking about dinosaurs (and pterosaurs too). However, I do this all day every day. The paper in question is based on some pretty poor material that I found two years ago and went through several rather delayed bits of review to get into the journal.

Is it really much of a wonder that I can’t necessarily motivate much interest in an e-mail conversation on something that for me has all but passed by? Sure I’m interested in it and I think it will interest me, but if the magazine has gone to the trouble of writing the article, one rather assumes that they think their readers will be interested in it. Surely my apparent lack of enthusiasm need not prevent them saying it’s interesting if they think it is? In any case, it’s not like I think it’s bad, I think it’s quite cool, but it’s not rendered uninteresting because I don’t say it’s the most fantabulous amazing discovery ever.

On a not unrelated note, any budding palaeoartists out there who want some exposure, other journos are bugging me about this paper and want some graphics. If you have artwork of a Velociraptor or Protoceratops or something similar (Tsaagan, Bagaceratops etc.) and are willing for it to be used please let me know. I cannot, of course, promise the story will be published or even the images will be used and you are very unlikely to get paid, but it might well bring you a bit of exposure to your work. E-mails to the usual address please.

The Musings have been a bit quiet of late as I’ve been very busy with various visitors and having internet troubles, but hopefully that’s behind now. More proper posts soon.

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  1. 2 Brett Booth 26/03/2010 at 11:41 pm

    I can relate, not everything is super interesting.

    I don’t have any new ‘raptors’ but I have some free time if they want something original.


    Plus I need to do some new dinosaurs for the blog!



    • 3 David Hone 27/03/2010 at 8:22 am

      If you could that would be awesome. The kicker is that they want it Monday…. Well, that’s the main source. As ever with these things it’s often picked up by one network and then spreads like a virus. SO, while for now only a couple of people are interested, I’d be surprised if it didn’t spread. If you have a velociraptorine going that would be great, thanks. Ideally something gnawing on the skull of a Proto carcass…

  2. 4 Tom 28/03/2010 at 9:00 am

    I have a Velociraptor image I would very much like to send in if possible. Would love some exposure.

    What is the normal e-mail you speak of?

    • 5 David Hone 28/03/2010 at 9:09 am

      Come on Tom, take a look around the site. I’m sure you can navigate well enough to find my contact details. They are on here and half a dozen other sites on the web.

      And as a quick message to you and others, I have now had several offers and pictures sent in and obviously i can only use one or two, so naturally don’t be upset if i don’t use yours, and in any case as i say the article may not even get published let alone the image I pick get used.

      • 6 Tom 28/03/2010 at 2:54 pm

        Yeah, truthfully I didn’t even look. lol.

        I’ll send it in and hope I suppose.

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