Quirks of palaeontology

It can be an odd job working as a palaeontologist. There are probably few professions that combine the academia of research and teaching with physicality of fieldwork (except perhaps, chessboxing). Even so, some things that are commonplace in the world of palaeo would probably be considered really quite odd by anyone else, even those within the sciences. Last week I was out at the IVPP’s storage facility with Pauls Upchurch and Barrett (hence the post on traveling crates) and there are a few sights there that might phase the inexperienced. Like finding a lifesize fiberglass pterosaur resting in a window to dray, a tool rack supporting a hadrosaur vertebral column, a tricycle with a pile of bones in the back, and a life size plaster cast of an elephant sitting under plastic sheeting. You probably couldn’t make it up. Does generate fun pictures though…

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