There is a significant danger of this turning into Sinornithosaurus week since I now have a nice set of photos I took recently when the holotype went on display at the IVPP. As one of the first described feathered dinosaurs (and certainly on that has much better preserved feathers than Sinosauropteryx) it already has had a lot to say about dinosaur evolution. Although rather squashed and disarticulated the skull is also in pretty good condition and so too are the teeth.

Here’s just a general photo of the whole specimen and a couple of close-ups of the skull and the hand (the former is a bit dodgy owing to some nasty shadows so I had to play around with the image to get it this ‘good’). This animal shows off quite a few nice bits of dinosaur / theropod anatomy so I’ll be going over it in more detail in the next few days. I’m not foolish enough to waste all this material on just one big post! Not when I’m this busy and this short of good images at least.

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